Dr. Sellers is a board-certified psychiatrist.  He has been working in the Chapel Hill-Durham area for over 21 years.  He is proficient in the practice of psychotherapy and in medication management of psychiatric medications for ages 16 and up.

Problems treated:

-Anxiety                                                       -Difficulties managing stress
-Relational difficulties                                  -Problems with initiative
-Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder                 -Depression
-Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders    -Bipolar Disorder
-Obsessive-compulsive Disorders               -Psychotic Disorders
-Personality issues                                      -Insomnia

To reach Dr. Sellers please call (919)493-6600. If you leave a message  Dr. Sellers will promptly return your call.
General Psychiatry and Psychotherapy
211 Providence Rd
Chapel Hill, NC  27514
Phone:  (919)493-6600
FAX:      (919)493-5577